Dog lovers


I know that there is still very fue people that can really be considered as dog lovers, and just because one has a dog tied up in the back yard 24/7, to me dosnt really consider it being a dog lover,(in my personal opinion) when i say dog lover, im talking about that kind of love were to you hes not you pet hes FAMILY. You spoil him, you care and give him love, you treat him like how he should be treated. The kind that just imagining being with out your 4 legged best friend is something you hope you will never have to experience.

I know that on social network you read many story about missing dogs and owners searching for them, and most of them never see there furry friend again, but they just never give up. Well thats what happend to my little sister, she had this kind of love for a friend she to her, considered as her son, she had had him since he was a puppy,my sister was 11 yrs old, see he was a German Shepherd whom she named SOLO, Solo filled a hole in her heart because our mom left the house and was separating her dad (my stepdad), See solo was speacial,he always putt a smile on her face♡. When my sister was 13 and solo was about 3years or so.,Solo had already gone missing twice, him lost and my mom gone really had her asking me “you think my mom and Solo will ever come back home again”.. i wanted to cry., i told her “with hope anything is possible,just pray and ask god to guide them back home with us, just never lose hope”,and a little after that Solo was back home,but not for much time. About almost 1 year ago our Mom passed away, and at that same time i guess some thief took advantage and stole Solo from our front yard along with his girlfriend whom we had just adopted. See we live in tijuana so 2 German Shepherds is a good amount of money over here. So imagine how heart broken my little sister was for all this pain to happend all at once.. we know they were stolen because both dogs disappeared and nobody saw,hurd or know anything till this day we have not one clue on what could had happend to them, and this is the longest amount of time that Solo has gone missing. We still are searching for him, my little sister left to live with a aunt in the U.S so she can study and achieve her goals (her decision) she says she isn’t learning anything in mexico schools,they dont teach them anything. She is such a good strong young women. im so proud of her and the women she is becoming.. she still has hope that we see Solo again,she says she just want to know hes okay and well taken care of and ask his new owners permission to visit him whenever she comes to visits us on her vacations. Her birthday is coming up in about 3 more days and for her 15tb BIRTHDAY she started a birthday fundraiser for senior dog’s.. she said she misses Solo so much she wants to help senior dogs find a loving home. She has no idea that i decided to blog and share this experience our family has went thrue, and that im even sharing out her fundraiser to the world. Please stop by and donate, anything is good for a young female that wants to accomplish one of her goals, help dogs out in any kind of way. Thank you for taking the time to read, and god bless.


Today jan26

Today 11 years ago at 6:49 in the morning weighting at 6lb9oz a beautiful healthy baby boy was son leo i want to wish you Happy Birthday and i love you so much . I miss you and your sister everyday. I hope you have a fun and wonderful day. Because its your day papas

Love always your mom.

See i havnt seen my kids for almost 9 years now, cps in san diego really fucked me over. They lied to me, i thought they were there to help us women out to become better mother’s for our children to do what’s best for our child but no they act the part after all the kissing ass we mothers do. If it involves toddlers just like me be careful in there eyes they are adoptable and that means $$$$.